Experience and Testimonials


Bryan’s Big Break by Bryan Wight

Cat Detectives in the Korean Peninsula by R.F. Kristi

Super Sushi Adventures by Krithi Munagala

Super Sushi Adventures, Monkey Idol Reacue by Krithi Munagala

Roscoe and Charlie: Travel to Cloudcroft by Auntie Nann

Prima Ballerina: A Short Story by Lindsay DeRollo

Pasquale’s New Friends by Mindy Macisco

The Adventures of Oti and Valentina by Nicola Ducharme

EDITOR FOR Two Girls and a Reading Corner:

The Elf for Himself by Marie Agerton

Brothers for Sale by Tracy Kushwaha

Toby the Sea Turtle: The Pirate Ship (The Adventures of Toby the Sea Turtle Book 2) by Smiley Kloth

Conversations from the Porch by Steve Warren

The Dutiful Dachshund by Patricia Bartosik

SECOND EDITOR: Hootin Goes Outside! by Kathy J. Perry; Kit’s New Home (Trust & Forgiveness) by Kathy J. Perry.

NON-FICTION: Carp are Jerks by Mark Usyk, a fly fisherman who tells stories about fishing, his life, and adventures.

FICTION: Leander: Chronicles of Mishboden by Hayden Kent




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