Experience and Testimonials


(Not yet published): The Art of Estate Planning (an eBook); two children’s books; five novels.


Children’s Books (not counting my own): Cat Detectives in the Korean Peninsula by R.F. Kristi; Super Sushi Adventures by Krithi Munagala; Roscoe and Charlie: Travel to Cloudcroft by Auntie Nann; Cranky Frankie and The Lost Duck by Apara Sylvester; The Elf for Himself by Marie Agerton; Brothers for Sale by Tracy Kushwaha.

Second Editor: Hootin Goes Outside! by Kathy J. Perry; Kit’s New Home (Trust & Forgiveness) by Kathy J. Perry.

Non-Fiction Book: Carp are Jerks by Mark Usyk, a fly fisherman who tells stories about fishing, his life, and adventures.




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