Experience and Testimonials

* Indicates book was also formatted by Get It Write


Carp are Jerks by Mark Usyk *

Not All Trout Are Geniuses by Mark Usyk *

Shining in the Darkness During 2020: A Personal Diary from the Pandemic by Steve Warren *

Dying to Live: The Death of a Narcissist by Tory Benjamin *

Child of the Heart: A Man’s Struggle to Regain His Inner Child by Ron Kempton *

Breathe…You Are Not Alone by Emberly Morgan

Family Interview by Vanessa Thompson


Underland Rose: A Breathtaking Romance by Kara Ashley Noel *

Pink Club by Emma Bruce *

Dreams in Pink by Emma Bruce *

Avalla by Stephanie Stokes *

Leander: Chronicles of Mishboden by Hayden Kent

Finding Wendy by Ron Kempton *

The Season of Change by Dan Long Jr. *


The Goal Getter: 3 Simple Secrets to Achieve Massive Success in Your Life by KYG *


Declarations of Destiny by Sandra McCoy *


Bryan’s Big Break by Bryan Wight *

Cat Detectives in the Korean Peninsula by R.F. Kristi

Super Sushi Adventures by Krithi Munagala

Super Sushi Adventures, Monkey Idol Rescue by Krithi Munagala

Roscoe and Charlie: Travel to Cloudcroft by Auntie Nann *

Prima Ballerina: A Short Story by Lindsay DeRollo

Sugarplum Stars (4-book series) by Lindsay DeRollo *

Easter Chicks by Lindsay DeRollo *

Pasquale’s New Friends by Mindy Macisco *

They Call Me Rockefeller by Mindy Macisco *

Lucy’s Utica Library Adventure by Mindy Macisco *

The Adventures of Oti and Valentina by Nicola Ducharme *

Johnny’s Big Idea (The Treasure Hill Series) by Nancy Savage *

Allon & Mikaylee Save the Arts (The Treasure Hill Series) by Nancy Savage *

Finding Fairies by Samantha LeDuc *

Hello from Heaven by Katelyn Clarke*

Frozen Goldfish and Hee-Hawing Donkeys by Jeannie Ames Parmon*

Braelynn’s World: A Very Special Christmas Eve by Veronica Thompson-Ware*

Oliver McGregor to the Rescue by Smiley Kloth & Steve Warren *

Always Near – A Book About Grief by Stephanie Spruce *

Little Monkfish Makes A Wish by Victoria Erasmus *

EDITOR FOR Two Girls and a Reading Corner

The Elf for Himself by Marie Agerton

Brothers for Sale by Tracy Kushwaha

Who Says Farm Girls Can’t Dance? by Tracy Kushwaha *

Toby the Sea Turtle: The Pirate Ship (The Adventures of Toby the Sea Turtle Book 2) by Smiley Kloth

Conversations from the Porch by Steve Warren *

The Dutiful Dachshund by Patricia Bartosik

My Grandma’s Guardian Angels by Lindsay DeRollo

Prima Ballerina: A Short Story by Lindsay DeRollo

Milly’s Wheels by Lucy Malkani

Tootsie Takes a Hop by Trista Lawrence

The Little Pink Dentist by DJ Matthews *

Do Superheroes Brush Their Teeth? by Jennifer Lee Corley

Do Superheroes Go To School? by Jennifer Lee Corley

Where Is My Bear? by Van Andrews

How Santa Celebrates Christmas by Debbie Sullivan

Look At All of the Pets! by Cheyenne Gates

Melvin In NYC by Lucy Malkani

While Daddy is Away: Days of Deployment by Trista Lawrence


Hootin Goes Outside! by Kathy J. Perry

Kit’s New Home (Trust & Forgiveness) by Kathy J. Perry




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