My Publications

hammyHammy’s New Home was my first book, published in 2015.  The story is about a young pig who gets into some mischief on the farm where he resides.  I came up with this story while visiting friends who have a homestead and they had a pig named Sir Hamelot (aka “Hammy”).  The book was fun to write and kids love Hammy!

duckMy second book, If I Were A Duck, is a fun rhyming story about a boy who dreams of being a duck…just for one day.  This was fun to write because I love to rhyme.  I came up with the idea while waiting outside of a restaurant one evening.  There was a pond nearby where ducks and geese were swimming and walking around in the grass.  I started being silly and rhyming about the ducks and I decided to write it!

annieAnnie to the Rescue is a book dedicated to an animal rescue organization called Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue, Inc. (P4AP) located in Herkimer County (NY), and the founder’s daughter, Anicia.  My idea came from Anicia’s love for animals, including her own two dogs.  A portion of all book proceeds is donated to P4AP. ​    Find them on Facebook!


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